What is Workship?

Workship is work as worship.

The word worship evokes a sense of deep respect and love for the highest good. When work become worship our desires become as aspiration. Desires bind us, aspirations make us brake free. Desires draw us to the objects of desire. Aspiration lifts us towards greater perfection within ourselves. We can desire a specific brand of car, but we aspire for a quality of life. Desire is a matter of quantity, aspiration is about quality.

what is workship

Most desires are within our grasp. They are easy to get if we try hard enough. But aspirations go beyond our physical grasp to our emotional and spiritual plan. Actually, workship is about making our work an aspiration for the highest goal. Many of us think that our work is limited by our qualifications or our designations. In reality, the field of action is limitless. Every action we take in our life has unlimited consequence.

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